A Third Haiti school collapse In Lalue

Fouye - November 14 2008, 11:36 AM

There has been a third school collapse in Haiti.

this time it is the Ecole Nationale Darius Denis at Ruelle Jeremie in Lalue, Port Au Prince Haiti.

One person died, 28 year old Marxo Deruisseaux.

Four days before the collapse, MENJS (Ministere de l'Education Nationale, de la Jeunesse et des Sports), shut down the school and on Wednesday night around 11:30PM, ths schoo came crashing on the workers hired to do the needed repairs.

Here is a photo of the Darius Denis school from Le Nouvelliste:

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Read the full article here (in French):


According to a news report on Le Nouvelliste, Haitian school kids and the parents are in a state of panic.

any little noise the student hear they being to scream "Mèt, lekol la pral tonbe sou, an n soti" (professor, the school is about collapse on us, let us get out of here)

So far three schools in Haiti came crashing down in less than one week: L'ecole la Promesse Evangélique in Petion-Ville (leaving 89 students dead), L'Ecole de la Grâce divine in Canape-Vert, and now L'Ecole Nationale Darius Denis at Ruelle Jeremie in Lalue.

What is going on in Haiti, do we have any leaders, what are they doing to prevent this?

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Marie Labaze says...

Wow! I didn't hear about the third one. How are you Woody? more »

Ericka says...

well nou pa gen okenn moun ki kye de peyi a ki sou pouvwa a. preval ave moun li yo sel sa yap fe se chita la pou vole... more »

Donald D. says...

well that is more than serious I ask my self a question I dont get any answer yet could you please help me to get a... more »

Mireille says...

This not good at all. Very sad.. We need buiding codes...More building inspectors after hurricane seasons passed. We... more »