RE: A Third Haiti school collapse In Lalue

Donald D. - December 10 2008, 3:56 PM

well that is more than serious I ask my self a question I dont get any answer yet could you please help me to get a answer the question was if what is going on in Haiti is it something simple like that or more than simple is it because there is no onedont pay attention on construction or is just because every one looking to do business you shool now start collapse if the gourverment dont put a stop next you will see church start collapse aswell why any little bad construction houses they use it turn in school or church a orginize country you could never see something like that when a durty thing like that hapen we all Haitian feel it seriously it better Haiti just give up with everything God will do the necessary thing for us


A Third Haiti school collapse In Lalue

There has been a third school collapse in Haiti. this time it is the Ecole Nationale Darius Denis at Ruelle Jeremie in...

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