RE: Haiti Must Speak English

Alfred Montilus - December 20 2008, 2:38 AM

I am soo dissapointed to hear this! Because Haiti is part of caricom doesn't mean that they should speak english! That sounds like something Adolf Hitler would say. I mean Creole and French is part of Haitian culture and identity.

We were the first to fight and be free, before any other caricom member, and now because Haiti is part of caricom, Haitians should speak english, that is totally absurd.

Lets implement more english in Haitian school, yes i would agree with that, LETS BECOME SMARTER AND SPEAK MORE LANGUAGES, YES, BUT NEVER ENGLISH ONLY!


Haiti Must Speak English

I note with pleasure that Haitians " WANT HAITI TO SPEAK ENGLISH ". That makes sense. HAITI is MEMBER COUNTRY in...

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That is so true. whoever's idea for Haiti to speak...

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