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Entering the US.

When will are family members will be able to come to the States. What about the family members who had already filed... more »

Haitian Diaspora Million Dollar Challenge

The Haitian Diaspora Million Dollar Challenge It is said that the Haitian Diaspora holds the key to Haiti success... more »

Support Cong. Clark NY Haiti Private Sector Bill

Requested Amendments to Haitian Private Sector Encouragement Act of 2010: The "Haitian-American Enterprise Fund'... more »

Suggestion;For Haiti Decentralization.

Suggestion: To build a good functioning Decentralization developing nation, we need: 1. Transparency government with... more »

Haitian musician Jaffa sings for Haiti

Haitian musician Jaffa wrote this song after surviving the earthquake. Watch the video it is great more »

How are people living after the earthquake

The reason i pick this topic is because it concerns me how they are living in the street.My question is are they going... more »

RE: Rivers of Babylon Wyclef Jean ft renaissance kid

Thanks posting my video - I hope it Brings Awareness. more »

RE: 1000 houses to be built in arcahaie

That's a good start I thank them for that, next they need to build an airport in cap haitian and then they need to... more »

RE: President Ren Prval is responsible for tens.....

It is a shame for those haitian to blame one person for the tragedy that happening in the country without blaming the... more »

President Ren Prval is responsible for tens.....

President René Préval is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths in Haiti Open Letter to President Lula... more »