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RE: Haiti Internet Access

I would like to reply to (AL)who asked info. for the Cavaillon area. I have worked for Hughesnet, amd all other... more »

RE: Haiti Internet Access

I am adding my own technical input to your posting. I have been installing Brodband system for Hughesnet at CVS... more »

RE: Haiti Internet Access

Hughesnet Broadband Internet Satellite(.98 dish with 2 watt radio and 7000 modem) for sale, brand new, never been... more »

Problems in Haiti

Haiti must modernize its structure and organization It must organize its plans and apply them It at to cooperate with... more »

RE: Haiti Internet Access

If you need high-speed Internet and reliability connect to Multilink Haiti. MULTILINK IS ROLLING OUT AN EMERGENCY... more »

haiti apres les peines

je souhaite:< qu on a un nouvelle haiti ou l on sait tous qu' est ce qu 'une patrie on n' a jamais eu un president et... more »

message for haitian community in DRC

Good day Brothers and Haitians sisters, my name is Louis Reynold and I,m leaving in DR-Congo since December 1999, afer... more »

RE: Haiti Internet Access

Guys, Access Haiti is the largest internet company in Haiti with the lowest monthly rates available on the market... more »

RE: Haiti Earthquake thoughts...

I think I forgot to add the link. It's share your thoughts, share on tweeter, facebook, etc. more »

Haiti Earthquake thoughts...

Total Construction not Reconstruction... Read a letter to Bill Clinton and continue the discussion on "Reconstruction... more »