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Haitian born soccer player 1950 World Cup

There are some people inquiring about a Haitian born soccer player 1950 World Cup. Yes, there was Haitian born soccer... more »

RE: Obama's Africa Trip Famous Haitian From Ghana

oh yep so listen that 45 Haitian got deported on Thursday morning from Louisiana 2 ofthem from another country one... more »

Haiti Music News: TVice's James Cardozo is Married

T-Vice singer James Cardozo is Married. according the the Haitian music website HaitiNetRadio James Cardozo got... more »

Haiti Music News - Mika Benjamin Leave Krezi Mizik

Mika Benjamin leaves Krezi Mizik as him and maestro David are feuding over a woman. This is the latest news from... more »

Famous Haitian Americans List Updated

See an updated list of the Famous Haitian Americans, look at famous Haitian American photos. The updated list... more »

Obama's Africa Trip, Famous Haitian From Ghana

President Barack Obama is going to Ghana Africa on Friday for a two-day official visit to Ghana. This will be the... more »

The Carl Fombrun Show Watch it Online!

Now you can watch The Carl Fombrun Show online because IslandTV is putting the videos online. Here is the link to... more »

Bill Clinton Haiti

Bill Clinton in Haiti is one the hottest topics in the Haiti Political Blog. Over 180 comments has been made about... more »

Haiti Politics

Discuss haiti politics in the Haitian political blog for the Haitian President Rene Preval Blog Aslso... more »

Forum sparked fire among Haitian leaders

The 2009 National Haitian American Forum has sparked a fire among our leaders in Palm Beach County. After the forum we... more »