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RE: Pastor Jacques G. Fourcand

Please could you help me to find out about my real life. Because I never know my family, but all I know is this Pastor... more »

RE: Pastor Jacques G. Fourcand

Your parents were lecturers (teachers) at Lifeline International School of Ministry in Los Angeles, California when I... more »

RE: Pastor Jacques G. Fourcand - WHERE IS HE?

Hi, My name is Daniel Pierre, Was living in Haiti. But now I am in the Dominican Republic, trying to living a better... more »

RE: Haitians, heir of the Hebrew/Israelites priesthood..

Dear Wilford, Thank you very much, I feel so deeply touched by what you wrote about our origin. I have been seeking... more »

Desordre musical Preval Et Sweet Mickey

L'orchestre nationale de Sweet Mickey-Preval organisera une fete Crick crack crack le Mardi 8 Fevrier 2011, a Montagne... more »

Medical Clinic in Haiti Need Your Donation

Dear Friends, A big thank you to you, on behalf of the thousands of patients whom you have helped through the medical... more »

RE: Haitian Relief Task Force Sending Aid To Haiti

I am looking to donate clothes and food. I have no money as I am very unemployed. If someone could provide me with... more »

RE: MINUSTAH Has Finally Entered Gonaives Haiti

Do you think all Haitians are stupid? Why don't you have the courage to look in the direction of one of the currently... more »

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