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Barack Obama Speaks About Haitian Immigration

On the topic of Haitian Immigration to the United States Barack Obama said: "It's harder for Haitians to immigrate [to... more »

Haitians see pride hope and hero in Obama

"Many Haitians believe Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, if he becomes the first black U.S. president... more »

One Haitian Donates 18.04 To Barack Obama!

Woodring Saint Preux encourages all Haitians to donate $18.04 to the Barack Obama Campaign "If each and every Haitian... more »

Barack Obama Haitian American Donation Page

Barack Obama has setup a page for Haitian Americans to donate to his campaign. Here is the link: If... more »

Haiti: 10 Haitians In 2008 Olympic Games

10 Haitian Athletes will represent Haiti in the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, China. Haiti will be represented in 3... more »

Haitian Boxer In 2008 Olympic Games

Azea Augustama is the name of the Haitian Boxer who qualified for the 2008 Olympic Games through a bronze medal finish... more »

El Rancho Hotel Casino

Is there a casino at the "El Rancho Hotel & Casino"? I went and visited the El Rancho Hotel website ... more »

Haiti Casinos

According to online research it seems there are two casinos in Haiti, El Rancho Hotel & Casino as well as Royal... more »

Haiti Government For The People?

Is Haiti's Government A Government for the people? Read what one person had to say on the Blog... more »

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