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2nd Haiti school collapse

5 students injured in 2nd Haiti school collapse in less than a week PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- A school partially... more »

Haiti School Colapse At Least 75 Students Dead

A three story School building in Haiti colapsed yesterday in Petion Ville Haiti and at least 75 Haitian school... more »

Haitian Barack Obama Song

Haitian Barack Obama Song The Haitian Barack Obama Song is called "CHANGE" by Manze Dayila... more »

Books about the Haitian Revolution

I was looking for some information about the Haitian revolution and I bumped in to this book. hope you find it useful... more »

Arrayanos Haitian-Dominicans

Arrayanos are people of mixed Dominican and Haitian descent who lived along the border of Haiti and the Dominican... more »

Haitian Car Designer

Ralph Gilles is the name of the Haitian car designer. Ralph Gilles is currently the Vice President of Jeep & Truck... more »

zin photo music video

The are many people looking for the new Zin photo music video but I wanted to bring to your attention that the video... more »

Haiti Biggest Waterfall

Haiti's biggest waterfall is the Bassin Zim Water fall in Hinche Haiti. Watch the Haiti Bassin Zim waterfall video... more »

Haitian Bus Driver in NY Runs a School In Haiti

Lucia Anglade is a Haitian bus driver in Suffolk County NY; she made the news today as "The Huntington bus driver who... more »

Police Nationale d'Haiti Annonce D'Emploi

La Police National D'Haiti est à la recherche de nouveaux agents de police à se joindre à la force de... more »

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