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PNH - Police Nationale d'Haiti Is Hiring

The Haitian National Police force (Police Nationale d'Haiti / PNH) is looking for new police officers to join the... more »

Can Biodiesel Power Haiti?

Only one-quarter of Haiti's energy comes from oil, mostly diesel, all of it imported. Nearly all the rest of the... more »

New Storm threatens Haiti

The storm in the carbbean, not yet officially called tropical storm Kyle, is posing a threat to the caribbean... more »

Zemidjan To All Taxi Moto Drivers in Haiti

While checking for taxi moto info on Fouye and youtube we found a cool african taximoto video by african group Toofan... more »

T-Vice Official Website

Have you seen T-Vice's Official website? It's really nice, I just found it The URL for the new T-Vice website is... more »

Major Flooding Expected In Haiti

If it become a tropical storm it will be called tropical storm kyle but while it is not yet a storm it is enough to... more »

New System Prevent flooding in Haiti

In one of the islands of the coast Haiti, the local residents built 3 dozen walls from the top of the mountain down. I... more »

70 percent of Haiti's Rice production is destroyed

The recent hurricanes that hit Haiti destroyed nearly 70 percent of Haiti's rice production. According to a news... more »

Half of Haiti's Banana Harvest is Gone

When Haiti got his by the storms in Haiti it's been reported that nearly half ot Haiti's banana harvest is destoyed... more »

Haitian flag flying half-stafff for Hurricane Dead

Haiti is observing three days of mourning for the hurricane victims. Haitian lags began flying at half-staff Monday... more »

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