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Digicel Will Donate 1 Million Dollars To Haiti

Haitian Cell Phone Company Digicel commits US$1 million to support the hurricane relief efforts in Haiti. Here is how... more »

Haitians In Boston Start A Massive Relief Drive

Because of the recent flooding in Haiti the Haitian-American cummunity in boston is starting a massive relief drive... more »

Sanitation Problem In Gonaives Haiti

In Haiti there are no sanitary sewers, a system of pipes used to transport human waste, instead most houses in Haiti... more »

Water Problems In Gonaives Haiti

There is a big water problem stil in the city of Gonaives Haiti. in a recent Reuters article "Haiti city hit by storms... more »

People Still On Rooftops in Gonaives Haiti

There are thousands of Haitian families in Gonaives who are still living on the roof of their homes in Gonaies Haiti... more »

Haitian People Hard Working People No Jobs

The Haitian people are hard working people, they suceed in every country they get to, buy finding enough to live on in... more »

Haiti Death Toll Will Be More Than Jeanne in '04

There are reports bing made in Haiti that suggest the damage and death toll from Tropical Storm Hanna, Gustav, and... more »

Gonaives Haiti Already Received 64 Tons of Goods

Over the past few days some 64 tons of emergency supplies have been flown to the Gonaives region. The people of... more »

French Secretary Of State Alain Joyandet In Haiti

French secretary of state for cooperation Alain Joyandet was in the city of Gonaives Haiti this week. He toured the... more »

Emergency Food Truck Ambushed In Gonaives Haiti

In Gonaives Haiti, a mob ambushed a truck carrying emergency food. According to a news report by Agence France Presse... more »

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