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Not Helping Gonaives Haiti Could Result In Riots

Gonaives Haiti is in desperate need for food and water after getting hit by four major storms, two of them hurricanes... more »

Barack Obama Speaks Out On Crisis In Haiti

Obama speaks out on the Need for Humanitarian Assistance to Haiti Following Devastating Storms Senator Barack Obama... more »

People are dying in Haiti After Being Rescued

In Gonaives Haiti 7 adults and 2 children died after being rescued by authorities. Some say the cause of death is... more »

47 people die in Cabaret Haiti because of Ike

47 people lost ther lives in the village of Cabaret Haiti, not far from Port-au-Prince. Tropical Storm Ike is... more »

Death Toll in Haiti Now 600 and Counting

Day by day the death toll in Haiti is rising as more bodies are surfacing on the flooded street of Haiti. Earlier... more »

Tropical Storm Josephine Is Not Coming To Haiti

There is a fear in Haiti that tropical storm Josephine is coming, something that would add more pain to injury in... more »

CNN Video of Hurricane Ike in Haiti

Watch a live cnn video report from Gonaives Haiti and Cap Haitien. The only effectie aid has been done via... more »

Video of Haiti Flood from Hurricane Ike

Ike's Floods Add Insult to Haiti's Misery, watch a video report about Ike's floods in Haiti For the second... more »

4 Million Haitians Expected To Face Food Crisis

Nearly half of Haiti's population -- or some 4 million people -- could face a food crisis by December 2008. This is... more »

U.S. Colonel Blames Haitian President Preval

Haitian President Rene Preval could not have done anything to head off the devastation, but he could have eased what... more »

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