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Haiti Hurricane Tomas - Leogane is Flooded

There are news reports that the city of Leogane is Inundated. The river in Leogane is flooded! more »

Nord Est Haiti - Raining and Windy

In the Nord Est department of Haiti, in the area of Fort Liberte, it is raining and it is very windy but so far there... more »

Jacmel Haiti - Large Tree Fall On House With Six People

A large tree fell on top of a house in Jacmel Haiti. There were 6 people inside the house it was unclear whether any... more »

Cap-Haitien Haiti - It is beginning to Rain

So far there has been no reports of hurricane activities and Cap- Haitien but it started raining early this morning... more »

SUD Haiti - Zero Deaths Reported so far

One Haitian authority in the SUD Department send out a message via radio to report that so far there has been no... more »

Public Transportation Paralyzed In Port-au-Prince Haiti

Haitian news reporters in the streets of Port-au-Prince Haiti are reporting that the transportation is literally... more »

Heavy rains and strong winds reported In Leogane Haiti

There has been reports of heavy rains and strong winds in the city of Leogane Haiti. this is according to a news... more »

Car Caught in Flooded River in Haiti, One passenger dead

Grand'Anse Haiti - A car carrying 5 people got caught in a flooded river in the Grand-Anse area of Haiti. The car was... more »

Hurricane Tomas - Lots of flooding expected Port-Au-Prince

Haiti Hurricane Tomas News Flash!!! CNN says The next eight hours is going to be very rough for Haiti lots of flooding... more »

Haiti Tomas - Big Bread Shortage in Haiti

There is a huge shortage of bread in Haiti that started immediately before hurricane Tomas. Radio stations in Haiti... more »

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