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Haitian Place

A new Haitian social network A new Haitian social network A new Haitian social network more »

Biography of Genard Joseph

I believe Genard Joseph is one of the candidat who can bring the real change in Haiti because he knows the problems... more »

RE: Haiti Internet Access

I am adding my own technical input to your posting. I have been installing Brodband system for Hughesnet at CVS... more »

RE: Haiti Internet Access

Hughesnet Broadband Internet Satellite(.98 dish with 2 watt radio and 7000 modem) for sale, brand new, never been... more »

Gade film ayitien et film afriquin gratis 24/7/Wat

Gade film ayitien et film afriquin gratis 24/7/Watch full Haitian & African movies free,.. Chat and watch your... more »

RE: Ministere de l'Economie et des Finances Haiti

Mesdames/Messieurs, j'ai l'honneur de m'adresser à vous. Je suis Haitien vivant en Equateur.mon Passeport est... more »

RE: Donations to Haiti?

I have to say that the initiative is a great initative for the Haitian relief efforts. I remember 4 years... more »

Teleco in Haiti

What is the role of Teleco in Haiti these days? Is teleco even in operation in Haiti? somebody help me with this. more »

RE: Kenscoff Haiti

I have been to kenskoff, it was awesome more »

RE: Bush's speach on immigration

The focus of president Bush's speech was on the mexican border. If there are other changes that affect the Haitian... more »

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