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Pe Congo Radio Caraibes FM

Today I was listening to Pe Congo on Caraibes FM, This is really funny. Mwen rwi, mwen rwi, mwen rwi ammmpilll more »

Zoo In Haiti

Yes there is a Zoo in Haiti, I saw it yesterday. The little haiti zoo is in Fermathe Haiti but you will not see a sign... more »

The Carl Fombrun Show Watch it Online!

Now you can watch The Carl Fombrun Show online because IslandTV is putting the videos online. Here is the link to... more »

Want to Donate to Haiti?

If you want to donate food or clothing to people in Haiti, go to haiti911.com to find out which drop off locatio is... more »

Rusty container ship bring food to Gonaives Haiti

The United Nations's World Food Program uses a rusty container ship to bring food and water to the people of Gonaives... more »

Haiti Internet Access

If you want internet access in Haiti there's good news and bad news. The good news is there is Internet access in... more »

Hip Hop Creole

I think Hip Hop creole is catching a lot of attention these days in Haiti. With the death of the members of Barikad... more »

Boutilier Haiti

I love Boutilier in Haiti, Every time I go to Boutilier there is this spot that, I've been told, is under the care of... more »

Jacmel Haiti A beautiful Haiti City

I did visit Jacmel Haiti, I was so in love with the town that I wanted move there. Unfortunately, I allowed others... more »

Kenscoff Haiti

Yesterday I went to kenscoff haiti. it's very nice over there. Kenscoff is cool quiet and beautiful. I took some... more »

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