Haiti Kanaval Web Site


Haiti Kanaval Web Site

Kanaval.com was once a great Haitian web site where people went to download your favorite Haitian carnival jingles in MP3 format.

It is no longer exists online but there are some great alternatives.


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Alternative Haiti Carnival web sites:

BelKanaval.com - Lost of Haitian Carnival photos from Champs-de-Mars and other Haitian Carnaval destinations. Also watch all your favorite Haiti Carnaval videos, past and present.

PleziKanaval.com - A great source for Haiti Kanaval videos in Haiti owned by journalist Carel Pedre (Chokarella). During the Haitian kanaval season PleziKanaval has the videos first.


Last we checked, Haiti Kanaval Web Site was not online!

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