Haiti Religion

A History of Voodoo in the West
Vodun, like Christianity, is a religion of many traditions. Each group follows a different spiritual path and worships a slightly different pantheon...

The Vodou Page - Mambo Racine Sans Bout
I am a Mambo, a legitimately initiated and ordained priestess of Haitian Vodou. I was initiated as Mambo asogwe in July 1990, in Grand Goave...

Salem Community Church of God
We are an apostolic church whose mission is to work toward the accomplishment of the Great Commission. Our goal is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ...

African Dahomean Vodoun
Beautiful site featuring an accurate portrayal of Dahomean Vodoun, and Mami Wata traditions by an American initiated priestess with ancestral roots...

Organization of African Traditional Healers (OATH)
Nonprofit, Religious, Education and Advocacy organization

The ATR (African Spirituality) Forum
A subject category for al paths: Vodou/Ifa'Orisha/Lucumi/Santeria/Camdomble/Hoodoo etc.,

Hoodoo: An African-American Diaspora Tradition
A New World name of an Ancient West African Magical Tradition. By Mamaissii Vivian Dansi Hounon.

The Center for Haitian Ministries
Welcome to the Center for Haitian Ministries, an online clearinghouse for information on ministry to the Haitian diaspora.

Bon Nouvel
Excerpts from the King James Bible translated into Haitian-Kreyòl.

For Haiti With Love
A missionary organization in Haiti founded by Don and Eva DeHart.

Haitian Ministry Theophile Church In Christ
14 churches in the USA, 9 in Haiti. Info about this totally indigenous Haitian network.

Eglise Episcopal d'Haiti - Official Web Site
Site officiel de l'Eglise Episcopal d'Haiti