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RE: Haiti Education Nationale

Informations sur l'education dans les communes du department de l'Artibonite. Telles: Gros Morne, Plaine de l'arbre: -Frequentation scolaire (primaire et secondaire -Pourcentage qui complete son... more »

RE: Pastor Jacques G. Fourcand

Please could you help me to find out about my real life. Because I never know my family, but all I know is this Pastor Jacques and Gladys Fourcand was all I have even know about. But this leave they... more »

RE: Pastor Jacques G. Fourcand

Your parents were lecturers (teachers) at Lifeline International School of Ministry in Los Angeles, California when I attended there back in 1983 and I have always wondered how they were doing. They... more »

RE: Pastor Jacques G. Fourcand - WHERE IS HE?

Hi, My name is Daniel Pierre, Was living in Haiti. But now I am in the Dominican Republic, trying to living a better life, but I am living a life with sadness and sorrow that I can not let go... more »

RE: PNH - Police Nationale d'Haiti Is Hiring

for the goodness of Haiti and the People of my country I would like to give my participation on rebuild the country by cam back to Haiti and work like every ones else who love that I love my country... more »

Can the US government implement a coherent strategy for both aid and supporting business growth in Haiti?

Captions read: where has all the money gone? Though the international community seems surprised, Haitians are not. From the beginning, Haiti and its Diaspora from all cross-sectors of the economic... more »

RE: Haitians, heir of the Hebrew/Israelites priesthood..

This is a naively erroneous understanding of history and the origin and ethnicity of biblical-era Israelites. I have made a thorough, compelling study of the matter with the findings remaining... more »

New Haitian band taking the scene by storm

These guys are for real more »

Rate The Martelly Lamothe Team!

How you rate Michel Martelly in his first of five years as president of Haiti. The singer-elected-president appeared on the scene as a man of action. Expectations were high. He seems to be devout of... more »