RE: Haitians, heir of the Hebrew/Israelites priesthood..

Yis Sh Yah - September 21 2012, 11:20 AM

who taught you the name jesus your oppressor the same ones afflicting haitians now on my life i swear to you christians have lied and have perverted the word and teachings of the most high yah haitians are not christians they are hebrew israelites please research and investigate these things i tell you also please spread the word among haitians time is of the essence yahoshua the real messiyah is coming soon yah bless

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are you out of your mind sweetie because i know that...


Haitians, heir of the Hebrew/Israelites priesthood..

Haitians are Hebrew/Israelites. Jeruslaem destroyed and Israel ceased to exist as a nation 66 to 70 A.D or 1940 Years...

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