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Jeafen - April 15 2012, 12:11 PM

Haiti is a country, and whether we're poor or rich, we are still the first black free nation on earth.

Haiti understands what misery is, we know what struggle is and no nation on earth would be able to bear the pain we face everyday.

So when the rain is heaviest, know that the sun is yet to shine.

Haiti will not be poor and desperate forever.

Once every single Haitian
understands that the sole owner of their future is himself, the true awakening will take place and Haiti will be prosperous.

Everyday I wake up, and I think about the children who will go to sleep hungry, those who will sleep on the sidewalks, under cartboard.

Is this what you want for your country?

Where is the dream of our forefathers?

Where is the Revolutionary spirit?

when did we stop caring for each other?

Today, the majority of us exclude ourselves from our duty. I individually thought that there is nothing I could do to change Haiti.

when I search
for light in darkness, I realize that even the smallest dim could make a difference.

I also realize that the only way to achieve anything is
through unity.

Therefore, I talked to friends and we create the Haitian Brotherhood.Our dream is not to carry the name and not live by it but
to gather all Haitians to live according to the true meaning of brotherhood.

We seek a global unity of all Haitians, to use anything they have
to help us grow this organization and ultimately the country.

If we are all brothers, then Haiti will be exceedingly great.

It doesn't matter who
you are and what your talent is, we need your help.

Please go to to send us your name and contact information and we'll talk to you and see how we can use your talents and knowledge
to help us grow this organization

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Yis Sh Yah says...

haiti is indeed great checkout read more about your true history there is great... more »