Fouye Haiti

  • Tabou Combo - Official Web Site
    Official Website of legendary Haitian Konpa music band Tabou Combo Super Stars
  • Embassy of Haiti in Washington D.C.
    Official web site of The Embassy of Haiti in Washington D.C.
  • Haiti Kanaval Web Site was once a great Haitian web site where people went to download your favorite Haitian carnival jingles in MP3 format.
  • Sweet Micky Online
    Sweet Micky Online was the old official web site of Haitian music group Sweet Micky who as since become President of the Republic of Haiti.
  • Solfimi Galerie de Micahel Brudent
    Galerie virtuelle de l'artiste Michael Brudent. Il est un peintre expressionniste.
  • Nolseko Culture Mod'Art
    Site qui fait la promotion des designers noirs
  • Les Nouvelles De Sophie Michel
    Les Nouvelles De Sophie Michel was a free web page for a Haitain writer and artiste-peintre named Sophie Michel.
  • Bax Family
    Come to the Bax Family Website and download Haitian/Hiphop remixes. The place where the teens Hang out and the Haitian DJs rule!
  • Haiti Progres
    Official web site of the Haitian newspaper Haiti Progrès, A US-based weekly Haitian newspaper that focuses on news about Haiti.
  • Haitian Party Listings
    List our Haitian events online for free at Haitian party goers, find out where the event is taking place by visiting