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Leandre Leonidas - May 23 2009, 10:40 AM

haitian painting as praticed today, is quite different from its pratice in the forties.Then, it had delighted a clientele looking for exoticism, guided by a critic the objectivity of which is now gravely questionned.

This critic divided haitian painting into rwo distinct groups, thus eliminating the freedom of choice, which should be that of every inventor.

Haitian painting, as presented today, has learnt to take advantage of new openings.This has led it to incorporate in a firmly contenporary language, aesthetic data extracted
from the dephts of haitian culture.And because that culture is finally lived fully and constantly redefined, haitian painters, whatever their tendencies, can now better position
themselves inside those inevitable and irreversible tendencies of internationalism.

Haitian painting, as seen today, as defeated that marginal state in which it was locked for too long. Working against the homogeneity that often comes to mind when we think
of art from a specific regionof the world, haitian painting displays a stunning diversity.Therefore, inside a society that often has to overcome colossal difficulties, it is a perfect model of progress and should be perceived as such, beyond all other consideration.

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leandre leonidas

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