Suggestion;For Haiti Decentralization.

Dieufort- Estime - March 28 2010, 12:05 PM

Suggestion: To build a good functioning Decentralization developing nation, we need:
1. Transparency government with honest Haitian citizens.

2. We need a big compound in each of the province that can hold a office of each government department like, police head quarters, Immigration, customs, public works, planning department and a post office.

3.We need to have a factory where is necessary like, Jackmel, Leogane Verette and Plato Centrale.

4. We need a university in places, like, Cap Hatian, Aucaye, and Arcahaie.

5. We need investor agencies on each province to facilatate an opurtunity for the people to borrow money with a low rate intrest to send their children to college, build houses, and to do businesses
6. we need a modern hospital for the nations health care.
7.we need a good disaster prepareness group on each province.

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