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Dominique - October 9 2012, 11:17 AM

Yes the creator's name is Yah, but it may not be the only appellative used. The prophets (Jeremiah 1:6) called Him "Ah" which means Father (God).

Our Father referred to himself as Ah (Father) in Isaiah 1:24 and called the nation that He was addressing in Isaiah as "Ah" in Isaiah 1:4. This is in the King James Version.

Please watch "Haiti, no, Ahiti" for a full explanation of why some nations would want to hide the name of God. The name of God points to New Jerusalem.

The European leaders know that if the House of Israel comes to the knowledge of the New Judah and the New Jerusalem being in the New World, then we would be able to once again unite like we did in Ahiti (Haiti) when we threw out the four mightiest nations of Europe (Napolean and France, Spain, Britain and their German mercenaries) under the guidance and power of the Mighty One of Israel.

This is one of the last pieces of the puzzle - Haiti is properly named Ahiti.

It means "God is with Us." It is the "land of Emmanuel" written of in Isaiah 8:8.

It is Judah and the Lion ROARED for all of the House of Israel and for all who fear our Father in 1791. And our Father delivered the nations into the hands of Judah (Ahiti) in 1803.

Their is England in the old world and New England in the new world;
Their is a York in England in the old world and a New York in the new world; like wise their was a Judah in the old world and their is a Judah (Ahiti) in the new world; there is a Jerusalem in the old world and there is a new Jerusalem in the new world - the Port of the Prince, the Messiah.

I know this old information seems quite new, please review the facts and do your research.

Dominique at Ahiti at

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the creators name is yah not god psalms 68:4 also...


Haiti is Judah, Port Au Prince is the Port of the Messiah the Prince

Father God be with you brothers and sister: It is without doubt that the West Indian Islands and the Americas are...

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