Access Haiti, Big Crook Internet Service Provider

Johnson Jean - November 27 2010, 6:12 AM

Haiti internet service is a day/nightmare.I am running a small cybercafe in Jacquet, lower Delmas 95. I have internet service with Access Haiti presumely the top ISP in Haiti but to me and to many others, the worst of all.
I have business plan with 1024 kbps and I am paying 154.8 USD per month.

Internet speed is incredibly slow. I contact Access, they deny it, they refuse to admit, to come over to test it. When they do, they open a google page states that internet connection is ok.I test it myself.

When I tested with with very early in the morning around 170-248 kbps-download not more than that. I did a correlationnal test with vonage speed internet test early in the morning and after midnight as well, it shows the same result.

100-270 kbps. ( I have backup data as evidence) Can berely open a page and it may take hours to epen a web page.

Now I am in a process of investigating about Access Haiti internet service only around the block just to compile more evidence just to prove to those robbers and liairs that they will be pretty soon out of business.

If you are a victime say something and do something,
I am the frontline row prostestor,

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Von Zine says...

Give up man! They are all vultures or the taxes are too high! I dont get why the internet still seems to be a luxury... more »