Haitians, heir of the Hebrew/Israelites priesthood..

Wilford - January 15 2011, 6:25 PM

Haitians are Hebrew/Israelites.

Jeruslaem destroyed and Israel ceased to exist as a nation

66 to 70 A.D or 1940 Years ago, the Romans sieged, capture, then turn Jerusalem into a city of fire. Those who were inside of the City were not allowed to leave and those who tried to escape were either killed with sword or crucified.

About 950 people died per day during the 4 year siege.

So the total number is 136 000 people who died trying to escape during the siege.

This is only those who tried to escape, not including the soldiers who were resisting the Romans.

This was predicted by Jesus(Y'ashua HaMashiach) in Luke 21:20-23
"But when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then know that its desolation has come near. 21:21 Then those who are in Judea must flee to the mountains.

Those who are inside the city must depart.

Those who are out in the country must not enter it, 21:22 because these are days of vengeance, to fulfill all that is written.

21:23 Woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing their babies in those days! For there will be great distress on the earth and wrath against this people.

The Israelites fled to Africa
After the destruction of Jerusalem, 1000 000 Israelites fled to Africa.


The primary reason they fled to Africa was because they looked like Africans, they were and they are still blacks.

The desolation of Jerusalem was predicted in the book of Daniel, but then Yahshua(Jesus) predicted the same thing before he ascended to heaven.

The word desolation means un-inhabitation or the state of being desolate.

Because only 3 tribes were left, the Jews from the tribe of Judah and the Benjamites from the tribe of Benjamin and the Levites, whom were not counted as a tribe because they were living among all the Israelites to minister as priests to the Lord, it was obvious that if Israel didn't repent from their sins, the nation of Israel would one day cease to exist.

The desolation of Jerusalem was predicted in Daniel 9:2 and in Luke 21:20-24. The desolation was in reference to Israel not being a nation.

The Israelites would be scattered throughout the world.

The most important thing is, bible already predicted how the rest of the Israelites(Benjamin, Judah and Levi) would go in slavery.

The condition they would be living, where they would be living and how Yah would bring them back to their homeland.

Trans-Atlantic slave trade predicted in the bible
In Deut 28:68, the bible predicted that the Israelites would go back to Egypt in ships and no one would buy redeem them from the hands of the enemy.

In deuteronomy 5:6, the bible clearly states that Egypt, for the Israelites means a place of slavery.The so called Negroes in America, the Haitians, the West Indians are the only group of people to have ever gone in slavery in ships.

Read the Curses predicted for the Israelties if they didn't keep the Torah in Deut 28:15-68. That's why the negroes, the hispanics, the natives, the Haitians are so downtrodden
Slavery(,Amos 7:17,, Hosea 10:10,)
Israel scattered (James 1:1,Hosea 8:8,Amos 7:17,
Jesus predicted that all the Israelites would not die, in other word being completely wiped out until he comes back(Luke 21:32)
The negroes, the Haitians, the West Indians(Jamaica, Barbados,Trinidad, Bahamas etc)are not Hamites, they are shemites, the true children of Israel who endure destruction and are now waking up. Akhenazis Jews(fake Jews in Israel now) and the Sephardic Jews(Also fake Jews in Israel) and also the khazars are all fake Jews.

These people are Edomites(descendents of Esau, the albino or the first so called white man on earth Read Genesis 25:25).

Including the Celtics, the Vikings(Skilled hunters, Genesis 25:27), The dutch, German,Russians, European Americans, Portuguese and the Greeks & the Romans(Italians) etc.
Search for the U.S presidential seal, look upon the Ancient Phoenician bird, search for King David's star, then search for seal of Khazaria and you'll know why the negroes are suffering.


10 tribes dispersed by Assyria 722-721 BC, The so called native Indians, Indigeno-AmericIndians and the Hispanics.

Remember, 10 tribes were already brought away 722-721 BC by Salmanasar, King of Assyria.

(2nd Esdras 13:40-47 of the Apocrypha) and this was predicted in (Amos 5:27) which says "and I will drive you into exile beyond Damascus," says the Lord. He is called the God who commands armies!.For those who did Geography, you should know that Damascus is the capital of Assyria(Syria).

God says that the Israelites would be driven beyond Damascus.

This was the prophecy concerning the Israelites who would end up here in the American Continent 722-721 BC.
( They're modern day descendents of the Aztecs(known as Mexicans), Mayans(from Guatemala to Panama), Arawak, Taino(Puerto Ricans),Mapuche(Argentina-Chile), Indigeno-AmerIndians(Cupisnique, Chavin, Paracas, Mochica, Nazca, Wari, and Chimu, Tiwanaku Auake, Caquetio, Mariche and Timoto-Cuicas) (from Columbia to Uruguay) and the natives of Dominican Republic and Cuba.
All these people are descendents of Israel who were conquered by Europeans(white people) and were violently killed or enslaved; awaiting the rest of their brothers that would be killed in enslaved just like them(Rev 6:10-11).

TheEuropeans rape them and took them as wives and husbands.

That's why you have the Hispanic people instead of Spanish people.

They are descendents of blacks!They are discriminated against just as the negroes are discriminated against.The curses in Deut 28:15-68 are upon them too.

The Haitians, the descendants of Levi.
Read the Curses upon the Levites in (Malachi 2:8-9)(Malachi 2:3) (Duty of a priest-Malachi 2:5)
First black free nation, the poorest in the Americas, why?

Think about putting all the world leaders in one country and tell them to govern it. The leader from North Korea would oppose the leader of the United States and the leader of Venezuela would oppose the leader in the United States.

Wouldn't that be a total chaos.

That's exactly what happen to the Haitians.

The Haitians(Levites) were never supposed to be brought together but the Europeans targeted specific places where they lived and brought most of them in Haiti.

Some came from Kongo, some come from Guinea and some come from Benin.

The Haitians are priest, they were separated in Israel but still they minister the work of the Lord but when they are brought together, they fight each other for power, and for that reason, Haiti can never go forward.

Rara, the forgotten passover
Exactly during the period of passover, the Haitians celebrate something called RaRa.The way the celebrate is exactly how the Hebrews celebrated it, which prove that they are Hebrews.

First, they spend an entire week, in other words 7 days, dancing and celebrating every year during the period Jesus was crucified, which is also the period of passover.

The play drums, dance and they blast trumpets.

They wear many of handkerchiefs around their wrist as fringes(Numbers 15:37-39) and some kill goats to eat during the time. Sometimes they carry a dummy and beating the dummy, which represent them beating Baron Samedi(Master of Shabbat) or the master of the sabbath, in order words, they showing how they hated Jesus.

Remember Jesus called himself the Master of the Sabbath(Matthew 12:8)
The Kingdom of Dahomey
Despite the Dahomean leader opposed slavery, he was still selling a bunch of people.

Doesn't that sound weird to you. Well the people he was selling were the Levites from the Tofunu clans(people who migrated to West Africa and posed a threat to the Dahomean kingdom) who ended-up in Haiti.

Despite they look like Africans, they refuted African leadership and some of them separated themselves from Africans.Most of the Africans leaders contributed in selling the Hebrews to the Europeans.

Haitian, Levites Priesthood spoiled with African rituals known as voodoo
For most people, Haiti is just an ordinary country but that's not true. Haitians came here and paying a high price for a lot of things they fail to do and a lot things they have done. The Haitians are the descendents of Levi, a tribe of Israel.

The Kohanim spirituality(Priesthood) still exist in the Haitian culture but it's known as voodoo.

For most people, the religion the Haitians practice is the same rite as the African voodoo, that's not true. The Haitian voodoo is different.

In the Haitian voodoo, they have strong ability to heal, Africans don't have that. They can create Zombies by using a strong sedative to immortalize a body for a certain amount of time and revive it, Africans don't have that. To reverse they sedative(drug), they use salt. In Haiti, there is a proverb known as "Zonbi Pa Goute Sel(Zombies don't taste salt).

If the zomibe ever taste salt, the sedative would be powerless and they would regain consciousness and know who they are, where they come from and their family even if it was after 10 years.That requires strong knowledge about medicines, which the Levites had.
The Haitians, who are the true levites were among each scattered Israelites clan throughout africa.From there, they learn certain African rituals and eventualy, the Kohanim priesthood was referred as the same thing as voodoo, the African religion.That's becaue the Levites learn a lot of their rituals.The africans were sacrificing their children, buring them into fire or slaughter them to their evil spirit, good thing the Haitians didn't learn that from them but they were also drinking blood, which unfortunately some of the so called Haitians learn from them.

Differences between the Spoiled Levitical priesthood of the Haitians and the African voodoo & the influences
1)In the Haitian voodoo they only sacrifice goats, chicken, lamb or bull.
2)In the African voodoo, they sacrifice dogs, cats and everything they could find.
1)In the Haitian voodoo, there are zombies
2)In the African voodoo, there are no zombies
1)In the Haitian voodoo, the bokor's firstborn become the next bokor( That's the true bloodline of Aaron but unfortunately, they're wicked)
2)In the African vodun, there is no such a thing as bloodline to bloodline
1)In the Haitian voodoo, all the priests and priestess(manbo) dressed in all white with franges except the high priest(bokor) who have a blue shirt most of the time(Remember Aaron had to wear a blue ephod(Exodus 28:31) and surprising they still wear franges
2)In the African vodun, they wear pretty much everything they can.
Why Haitians should not practice voodoo
The first reason Haitians should not practice voodoo is because it's a mixed up religion and it's full of witchcraft.

The second reason is, it is used to commit crimes instead of righteousness, such as healing(the work of a priest).

Haitians can heal pretty much any type of sickness but they refuse to use the priestly knowledge to heal but instead they concentrate on the rituals they learn from Africans to do evil.The third reason is because the time has come for the Levites, the Haitians to lead the Israelites to the most High God.To reject all pagan customs, all wicked rituals and turn to the levitical duties of a priest according to the bible.

The Marasa Legend in the Haitians Culture according to the bible(Kote Bagay Marasa ap mare moun Soti dapre Labib)
In the Haitian culture, there is something called Marasa, or twins but the noticeable thing about marasa is that they have power to mare(tie) people.

When they tie you, not with a chord but it's either in their mind or in their genes, they hurt you with headaches if you get them jealous.Even a 1 year old marasa(twin) can tie someone.

That's for sue! They get jealous only if you give one of their twin brother or twin sister something and you don't give them the same thing or something as valuable as what you give the other twin-brother or twin-sister.

This Marasa issue(Twin) is absolutely recorded in the bible.

Read in Exodus 38:28-30
The jealousy between twins began with Perez pulling in Zerah, who was tied up with a thread and came out first.

That's why in Haiti, if you give one twin something, the other twin might think you favor his twin brother or sister more than him and he may think that you consider his twin brother to to be older than he is. Therefore, he will get jealous and use his power to hurt you. Moreover, if the parent of the twin beg the twin for quote on quote forgiveness, he or she will tell her some types of plants to make tea out of it and drink it.And she will be alright.

Even if the twin was 2 year old, they will still be able to direct their parent to the plant that can heal them.
The Moses Experience
Haitians can't united themselves to be one nation as I outstretched above but if you're not a Haitian and you strike a Haitian in front of another Haitian, believe me or not, the other Haitian brother will attack you. It doesn't matter what the Haitian did wrong to you, don't strike him in front of another Haitian, especially if you're not Haitian.

This is in the blood of the Haitians.

That's exactly why Moses killed the Haitian for the Israelite brother(Exodus 2:12)
The Shape of the Hispaniola, Symbol of Kohanim(levites) blessings
The shape of Haiti is a shin, a Hebrew letter which equals 300. But the most important thing about the shin, it used to be a sign made with two hands by the kohanim(The Levites) when they're blessing the Israelites.When they're reciting the blessings, which you can find in Numbers 6:22-27
How will a Haitian know for sure that he is not a Hamite(African) and that he is a Levite
The only way you'll know for sure that you're a Levite is the spirit of God that's within you. You'll see that you'll dramatically change.

You'll only think of reaching out to other Haitians and other Israelites, to teach them righteousness and about their identity and you'll never stop preaching the Law of the Most High. At least that's the way I am.Once you read this, you'll find out until you see all the lies that your pastors have been teaching you;you'll research until you have enough proof and that you're convinced that you're an Israelite.

My advice to all my brethren is, return to the Most High. Keep all his laws and statutes and he we remember his covenant with us.

Read about Esau(Edom) & his destruction-Who is Esau?Genesis 25:24-26(birth), Genesis 25:28-30(Name of Edom), Genesis 24:34(what Lenti stew look like)------Malachi 1:2, Malachi 1:4, Obadiah 1:10,Obadiah 1:4, Obadiah 1:7, Obadiah 1:8
Gathering of the lost tribes of Israel-Jeremiah 31:35-37, Amos 9:11-12, Amos 9:14-15,Hosea 6:2,Hosea11:10-11, Jeremiah 33:6-11. Zephaniah 3:19-20, Zechariah 8:13, Zechariah 8:8, Zachariah 8:23, Zechariah 10:9

The Hebrews are Black, the Egyptians were black, Jesus was black and the bible was written by black folks.

*I am assuming you already know the Egyptians are black.

If you don't know, find out about Herodotus quote on Egypt when he visited the sphinx, then ask yourself why did Napoleon destroy the nose of the sphinx
Black Moses in Black pharaoh house
Pharaoh ordered the midwives to kill all the Hebrew boys(Exodus 1:15-17).

The question is, how could Moses live in the house of pharaoh for 40 years without Pharaoh finding out that he was a Hebrew.

Now, if the Hebrews were white or even light skinned, wouldn't Pharaoh know that he was a Hebrew?That's because he was black.

Black Moses compared as an Egyptian(Black)
Moses who fled to Midian was called mistakenly compared as an Egyptian(Exodus 2:17-22)
Black Simeon & Barnabas
Simeon & Barnabas were called Niger (Act 13:1).

The original word was black, but they remove it so that we wouldn't know who we are but thank God!, there was "nigger", "niger",Nigeria",Neg(Haitian creole) and Negre(French) and Negro(Spanish) all mean black!!!
Black Jesus
Revelation 1:14 describe Yahshua(Jesus) as having a wooly hair. Go online and find out how wooly hair look like. It says white because the appearance of Yahsuha and God are often described as being old, that' s why the texture is white.

Moreover, it says his feet were like burned brass.

What color is brass?

What about when it's burned?..Then think about fury eyes and look at a negro and you'll know how Jesus looked like.
Cush- Modern Day Ethiopia
Mitrayim-Egypt(Hebrew word for Egypt)
Puth(Ancient Lybia or modern day North Africa)
Canaan(The Land was given to Israel) and the Canaanites spread from central to South Africa
If Ham was black, what about shem & Japhet?

We know Ham, the brother of Shem & Japhet, a son of Noah was black.

What color do you think Shem would & Japhet would be?

Where do Caucasian people come from
They're descendants of Esau, the twin brother of Jacob(Genesis 25:25).

Jacob was a black man!
Please search albino and you'll see that all the features described in the bible for Esau(Edom) relates to Albinoes.

Foolish declaration
I was conversing with online with Hebrew from Haiti who claimed that we're black because Noah cursed Ham. What?

what kind of pastor would teach such a lie!.

First Ham was never cursed, but Canaan was cursed and his curse was, he would be slave.

(Genesis 9:24).

Learn your history, and stop taking lies from your pastors.

If you want to know more about the tribes of Israel orif you have any question, please email us at haitianisraelites at gmail.com
Our purpose is to
Believe in Yahshua(Jesus) as the son of God and
Keep all God's(Yahweh) laws and commandments.


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