January Twelve, 2012: Two Years Later

Michel Louis - December 15 2011, 1:48 PM

The haitian people are still living in tents, there are no more cameras; the mission of the media is finished.

Haiti is no longer news for primetime, for the news; the story has made its time.
For some people, this tragedy has already become a forgotten reality.

From Port-au-Prince to Leogane, most lives are in the object of tent cities; where seemingly they will stay for many years to come.
From slums and ghettos of miseries, where the people are in lack of safety, food, and clean water; through their tents, the rain leaks slowly wetting their belongings.

The questions that I am asking, where are the billions of dollars raised for the recovering of Haiti after the earthquake?

Why are so many people still living in tents?

Where is the money?

Two years later as a haitian citizen, I deserve to know!
January 12, 2010 is still in every haitian's mind. We have lost hundreds of thousands of our brothers and sisters.

The horrors are still there haunting people's minds everywhere in Haiti, and in the United States.

We need to rebuild now; we can no longer wait anymore.

The waiting times have expired.

We need to ask the International community, what they did with our money; where is the money that good people in the world raised for Haiti.

If you never been to Haiti after the earthquake, let me tell you what is going on. Many world organizations are wasting the billions of dollars in brand new vehicles, partying and having fun. Especially, in Leogane.

Enough is enough, we need to rebuild Haiti now, especially Leogane where 90% of the city was destroyed.

From: Michel Louis
To: All my haitian people, and my people in Leogane.

May God bless you!

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Allvera says...

Hi Michel I wish you understand the international process. when they international said they give haiti this amount of... more »

Frantzv says...

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Jean says...

Haiti will only receive about 5 cents per dollar of donation. The Rest goes to miscellaneous expenses. It's a trick... more »