RE: January Twelve, 2012: Two Years Later

Allvera - January 6 2012, 1:53 AM

Hi Michel
I wish you understand the international process.

when they international said they give haiti this amount of money it is not true first of all look at how many ngo that was in haiti showing that they are doing a good job for the haitian people i think that this people have a very well documanted budget.

international never give haiti they way all the haitian people think that all haitian government are thieves.for exanple when they said they give haiti it is never been in cash. and second the money always go to the ngo instead of the haitian government.

I grew up and found the ngo in haiti help very little group of people.

do no start with the facts the haitian government have a lot of cash. if you read news recently president clinton who is responsible to collect found from haiti he received only 1/3 of themoney promise by the international community mean $3 out of 10. think first.


January Twelve, 2012: Two Years Later

The haitian people are still living in tents, there are no more cameras; the mission of the media is finished. Haiti...

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