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John English - May 3 2012, 7:51 PM

Hi Richard

I am interested in helping out in Haiti by providing a cheap solution to their problems that result from not having either any electricity, or having a very unreliable supply.

My interest at the moment is in looking for ways to provide solar powered lamps for use at night.

In researching this matter, I have come across your posting concerning Internet in Haiti, and this is another subject dear to my heart.

Can you please tell me how much you think that it would cost to provide a reliable high speed service that could be accessed by wireless?

- Perhaps located in a regional shop or church building.

In any event, I would love the chance to talk with you, to gain some firsthand feedback about the needs of the Haitian people.

If possible, you could get me on Skype: johnfenglish is my Skype address.

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