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Adendean - January 5 2013, 3:51 PM

This is a naively erroneous understanding of history and the origin and ethnicity of biblical-era Israelites.

I have made a thorough, compelling study of the matter with the findings remaining unclear -- certainly not conforming with the claims of the Hebrew Israelites.

In brief, I'll say that the origin of Adam, Eve, Noah, and Abraham is Mesopotamia; and Noah's sons, of whom Issac is a descendant, begot siblings of, seemingly, two ethnicities: Esau and Jacob.

Secondly, being from Mesopotamia, you will notice observing the Bible that their kind/ethnicity retrained from procreating with the people of Canaan (which will later be the land of the Israelites).

Abraham's family migrated to Canaan from Mesopotamia (basically: to Israel from Iraq); but, they would always go back to take for wives women from Mesopotamia, their homeland.

This could be because they did not want to interbreed with the different race of the people of Canaan.

Mesopotamia, the now Iraq, has always, and I do stress 'always', had people of the same current ethnicity as it does now. The Sumerians (likely Noah's ancestry) -- regarded as the first major civilization (as confirmed by both history, the Bible, and other non-biblical texts) -- are from there.

You can readily see Sumerian tablets on the Web with depictions of what the people there looked like.
Lastly, the creed which would become the Israelite nation certainly did not remain a homogeneous ethnicity, because on many occasions they were transplanted (as a whole) into several empires, including the Persian and Babylonian empires -- during which intervals, there had to have been inter-ethnic breeding which altered their ethnicity, as likely did they preceding stay in Egypt as slaves.

Without a doubt, their ethnicity was altered somewhat, unless, they and the peoples of all those empires including Egypt were all the same ethnicity -- then you'd have to ask: if they were all Black, then where did all the Olive-skinned people of those vast regions came from?

Do wrap your mind very well around this!
In the aftermath came the Greeks amidst them, with Alexander, an event which further changed their ethnicity (which also confirms that the Cleopatra's of Egypt were not Black).

Then came the Romans...

Canaan, the reportedly cursed grandchild of Noah, is the ancestor of the Canaanites, with whom the sons of Abraham did not want to interbreed -- this could be because of the curse on Canaan or because of the Canaanites' different ethnicity.

The Canaanites are, till this day, Black and, are called Canaanites till this day!
Esau, who is reported to have been "red" -- who, is in many ways, a cast from the Abrahamic family --took for wife a Canaanite.

'Red', doesn't necessarily mean "not Black", suggesting that the others were Black, but perhaps fairer complexioned than the other descendants of Abraham => I repeat, they did not intermix with the Canaanites, who were Black, insinuating that the sons of Abraham weren't Black (read the bible and some history)!

There are many flaws with the claims of the Hebrew Israelites.

I'll mention just a couple below:

1) If the Blacks now in America, Jamaica, and Haiti were Israelites brought here via ships, then were the Latinos in the Americas (whom, according the this claim, are their siblings) brought here via ships as well?

If not, how did they get here?

The Latinos getting here by any other means but ships would directly contrast the very platform on which the claim rests -- as the Bible specifies that Israel 'as a whole' would be taken into slavery via ships.

We all know that the Latinos -- who are made part of this deal by Hebrew Israelite theorists, did not get here in bondage by ships -- but are, in fact, descendants of Mayans and Incas, and some being Mestizos, as a result of interbreeding of colonial Spaniards with the peoples of the lands they conquered.

2) If the Black sold by other Africans to Europeans were the Israelites of past, why weren't they as advanced a people, when they got to America, as they were in Israel, or Sumer for that matter -- having had kingdoms and fought empires?

Why couldn't they recalibrate themselves to function as such. Obviously, when they got to America, they seemed like indigenous, uncivilized people -- certainly not the likes of the Israelites reported in both history and the Bible.

There are many other flaws I can mention.

This is just a brief overview of the study.

Feel free to email me: adendean [at]

I am Black, if this makes any difference to you, the reader.

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Haitians, heir of the Hebrew/Israelites priesthood..

Haitians are Hebrew/Israelites. Jeruslaem destroyed and Israel ceased to exist as a nation 66 to 70 A.D or 1940 Years...

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