The Haitian Legion of Honor

Fouye - August 18 2008, 9:04 AM

I found out today that there is something in Haiti called The Haitian Legion of Honor.

The Haitian Legion of Honor was established by President Faustin Soulouque after he was proclaimed king of Haiti under the name of Faustin I in 1849.

When he became king, Faustin I established a Haitian nobility.

The Haitian nobility had 4 Princes of the Empire, 59 Dukes, 2 Marquis, 99 Counts, 215 Barons, and scores of Hereditary Chevaliers and lesser nobles.

On September 21, 1849 he established the Military Order of St Faustin and the Civil Order of the Haitian Legion of Honor.

Although the Haitian monarchy was no more by January 15, 1859 when the emperor king Faustin abdicated his throne, it seems that the Haitian Legion of Honor survived the fall of the Haitian empire because people, weatlthy people, were still being honored with the award of chevalier in the Haitian Legion of Honor more than 100 years later.

For example, In 1949, President Dumarsais Estime gave American dancer Katherine Dunham the award of Chevalier in the Haitian Legion of Honor.

While in Haiti I've seen the award posted in the office walls of a very popular business in Haiti, it's founder also received the award of Chevalier in Haitian Legion of Honor.

What is the Haitian Legion of Honor?

Perhaps your comments can help us understand it.

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Boniface Zebo-correspt De Presse says...

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Boniface Zebo Correspt-presse says...

le 1-mars-1847 est elut president par le senat faustin 1 A¨ qui ce fait proclamer EMPEREUR" par le parlement haitian... more »