Adler Volmar Haitian Judo Athlete In Olympics 08

Fouye - August 14 2008, 6:23 AM

Adler Volmar is the name of the Haitian Judo Athlete who is competing for the U.S. Judo Team in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing China.

Adler Volmar was born in Miami and raised in Cap Haitien, Haiti.

On Thursday morning Haitian American Adler Volmar, 31, is due on the mat in Beijing, competing for the U.S. judo team.

Adler Volmar is an alumni of the Union Judo Club in Cap-Haïtien, this where he began to take judo lessons under the tutelage of Leandre Innocent.

It's his second time at the Olympics.

In 1996, he represented Haiti in the sport.

If he wins, he would be the first athlete of Haitian descent to take a medal in judo.

When Adler Volmar was 13 he was beaten by a group of kids, after the incident hiw mother Yolette Volmar signed him up for judo so he could defend himself.

Now Adler Volmar is 31 and tommorrow he could very well be the 2008 Judo Olympic Gold Medalist.

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Jean-robert B. Auguste says...

Adler Volmar was born in Miami, that makes him an American. Under the Haitian constitution he cannot have two... more »

Haitian American Male says...

There are many successful people like Mr Adler Volmar who want to represent Haiti internationally. Because of Haiti's... more »

Ninon says...

great great I wish Adler Volmar the best let's watch and support him. we are God creation therefore can do, be, have... more »

Serge says...

I do not get it,he was born in ths U.S,raised and practiced judo in Cap Haitien and now he is representing the the U.S... more »

Boniface Zebo Correspt-presse says...

nos athletes de tous temps on droit de reconnaissance au olympics games de 2008 a beijing,nos dix athletes sont en... more »

Stew says...

I wish Alder Volmar the best in winning an Olympic Gold metal in Bejing. Don't mean to sound "ign'it", but after all... more »

Princess says...

I'm very, very proud to have an Haitian participating in the Olympics this year. I pray that he wins; and the pride... more »

Abderrahim Bouhraoua says...

salut tous mes amis sava bien je veux pour contactA© se sociA©tA© et je suis profA©sionnele et diplomA© et merci... more »