RE: Pastor Jacques G. Fourcand - WHERE IS HE?

Daniel Pierre - February 22 2015, 7:31 AM

Hi, My name is Daniel Pierre, Was living in Haiti.

But now I am in the Dominican Republic, trying to living a better life, but I am living a life with sadness and sorrow that I can not let go, because, I want to know who and am I, And if I can know a little bit of my family.

I think this sadness that is killing me inside my heart will be stop.

When I was 7 years old.

I found a note that say. Pastor, Jacques and Gladys Fourcand.

Phone 57-1819
P.O. Box 2421

P.O. Box 435
CA- 91710

Till March

I been praying to God I wish that I remember everything.

And now I am 31 years still thinking about what happen to my Mom and Dad for the last 31 years.

I can not answer.

Please I need your help.
Thanks and please feel free to let me know a bit more. Thanks Daniel Pierre.

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hello mr. wiggins im jacqueline youngmark (fourcand ...


Pastor Jacques G. Fourcand-WHERE IS HE?

Jacques & Gladys Fourcand operated Mission Evangelique de la Trinite in Port-au-Prince for years. We are trying to...

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