Rusty container ship bring food to Gonaives Haiti

Woody - September 5 2008, 6:17 PM

The United Nations's World Food Program uses a rusty container ship to bring food and water to the people of Gonaives Haiti.

It is humiliating to read the article printed by the associated press.

Read this, read how the world is helping Haiti.

"Comunaute Internationale La," a phrase that is repeated so often by those we choose as our leaders, read how they are helping your families in Gonaives Haiti.

Here is exactly what the Associated Press said:

"The rusty container ship Trois Rivieres, chartered by the U.N. World Food Program, arrived belching white smoke.

Guarded by Argentine peacekeepers brandishing assault rifles, it docked at a remote private port away from the city, apparently because of fears the sight of so much food could trigger a riot."

How do you feel about this article?

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Jjoseph says...

It sucks, but it is true. The diaspora needs to take these types of images painted by the media and use it to get... more »