PNH - Police Nationale d'Haiti Is Hiring

Fouye - September 25 2008, 1:53 PM

The Haitian National Police force (Police Nationale d'Haiti / PNH) is looking for new police officers to join the National Police Force in Haiti.

They are looking for young Haitian men and women between the ages of 18 to 30 to become a part of the new Haitian police force.

Requirements to be a Haitian Police Officer

You must be 18-30 years of age
- School requirement >> 4eme Secondaire minimum
- Never been arrested
- In good health
- Must be a Haitian Citizen and have never renounced your Nationality (N'a Jamais Renonce a sa nationalite)

Here are the requirements to apply

4 Photos
- Copy of your birth certificate
- Copy of your Haitian National ID Card
- Certificat de Bonne Vie Et Meurs
- Certificat de Sante / Medical Certificate
- NO FO PAPYE - if you submit fake documents you will be prosecuted!

No need to come to Port-Au-Prince to register

If you want to join the Haitian National police force, you can find and submit the application in the following Locations:

- Any Haitian police station,
- all the Direction Departmentale De La Police Nationale D'Haiti, in all 10 Departments of Haiti,
- Direction Departementale de l'Ouest (DDO)
- Direction Departementale du Nord (DDN)
- Direction Departementale du Sud (DDS)
- Direction Departementale du Sud-Est (DDSE)
- Direction Departementale de la Grande-Anse (DDGA)
- Direction Departementale des Nippes (DDNI)
- Direction Departementale du Centre (DDC)
- Direction Departementale du Nord-Ouest (DDNO)
- Direction Departementale du Nord-Est (DDNE)
- Direction Departementale de l'Artibonite (DDA)

Registration Deadline

There is no Deadline - This is a permanent announcement, the Police Nationale D'Haiti is looking to double the Haitian police force in Haiti, bringing the total to about 14,000 Haitian police officers

This is a Haitian public service announcement courtesy of
Official broadcast announcement was made in Haiti on Radio Caraibes FM
Transcription by Woodring Saint Preux

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Fouye says...

La Police National D'Haiti est a la recherche de nouveaux agents de police a se joindre a la force de police nationale... more »

Angel says...

I'm Haitian but a New York Resident i will like to know would i qualified for this much they paid more »

Guy B Defence says...

Mwen vlee antre nan police haitien di mwen kisa mwen besoin pou mwen ka antre paske mwen te nan U.S army reserve mwen... more »

Pierre Michelin says...

i burn an haiti but i'm not live in haiti so i don't have a national card but i have to require and the police... more »

Pierre Michelin says...

i burn an haiti but i'm not live in haiti so i don't have a national card but i have to require and the police... more »

Peter says...

Please do not force your self to speak english if you can't ok? it will be better of if you use your own language... more »

Michelin Pierre says...

ok i just ask u something i do what do u say me but u go away of my quetion more »

Michelin Pierre says...

mwen yon haitien ki gen 5ans etat unis mwen fini high school mwen genyen high school diploma a men mwen pa genyen card... more »

Laguerre James says...

bonjour Madame, Monsieur, je m'appelle laguerre james, j'ai 32 ans, 100kls et 1m90. je vis a paris, mais, mon reve... more »

Joseph Castin says...

To whom its may concern.i would like to join my self one day to the hatian police force understand the deffrence types... more »