RE: Can Biodiesel Power Haiti?

Roro - September 30 2008, 11:33 AM

Im not too sure, but i would like to make a comment, i was wondering if anybody in Haiti never thought of tried to bring a compagny like the one that use the wind to give the electricity.

I think if we can convinct them (compagny)to come down maybe we might be able to find a solution with the blockout in Haiti and that would also will created more job for the country.

has a matter of fact im looking to see how i can get in contact with one of the compagny to see if i can make that proposo.

thank for your time keep up the good work because we are the future of this country.


Can Biodiesel Power Haiti?

Only one-quarter of Haiti's energy comes from oil, mostly diesel, all of it imported. Nearly all the rest of the...

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