RE: Haiti School Colapse At Least 75 Students Dead

Alicia Valeus - November 10 2008, 5:26 PM

my prayer goes out to all the haitian people, to all my friends in the area of the disaster, i pray for you that god gives you the strenght to come through this, I pray that the government and most of all the people of haiti uses this as an example to do better in their buildings, because it is the people that suffers at the end of all this, so please people don't wait for the government to implement a code, for the love of god and country, please build the way it should be done, may god help the people of haiti to go through this trying times, I may not be a haitian by birth but i am haitian to the bone, being married to one.


Haiti School Colapse At Least 75 Students Dead

A three story School building in Haiti colapsed yesterday in Petion Ville Haiti and at least 75 Haitian school...

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