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RE: PNH - Police Nationale d'Haiti Is Hiring

tu vis tj au canada alors moi osi g en veux de m'integrer donc je veux le contact a toi pour qu'on puisses parler de ca.paske ayiti bouke ak vye system sa more »

Join the Haitian Brotherhood and do something for Haiti

Haiti is a country, and whether we're poor or rich, we are still the first black free nation on earth. Haiti understands what misery is, we know what struggle is and no nation on earth would be able... more »

God Mama's Kitchen 404.707.7449

T-Micky Martelly and Entourage dined at God Mama's Kitchen before the concert on SAT MARCH 31 2K12, after dining they left for the GLOBAL MALL for their performance. God Mama would like to send a... more »

RE: PNH - Police Nationale d'Haiti Is Hiring

bonjour, je m'appel antoine 38 ans haitien vivant au canada. je suis diplome en service correctionnel et je travail comme agent la paix au serais interesse a revenir dans mon pays et... more »

RE: January Twelve, 2012: Two Years Later

Haiti will only receive about 5 cents per dollar of donation. The Rest goes to miscellaneous expenses. It's a trick thing. more »

RE: January Twelve, 2012: Two Years Later Haiti: Two years after the earthquake, where did the money go?...In the year following the 2010 earthquake, things were no different. In fact, of the $1.14 billion allocated to... more »

RE: January Twelve, 2012: Two Years Later

Hi Michel I wish you understand the international process. when they international said they give haiti this amount of money it is not true first of all look at how many ngo that was in haiti... more »

January Twelve, 2012: Two Years Later

The haitian people are still living in tents, there are no more cameras; the mission of the media is finished. Haiti is no longer news for primetime, for the news; the story has made its time. For... more »

RE: Haiti Internet Access

Dear all! I see all of you need the hight speed internet. NATCOM has all your requirement. Please confirm to us: 509 (22200421)or customercare at NATCOM provide the best service for... more »

why is it important to support haiti?

The most important way to support Haiti is by supporting the cultural legends which are a vital element in the cultural landscape. Check out for more info on how you can play a role in this... more »