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La vi pa fini concert

I cannot wait for "La vi Pa fini" concert;on July 30, 2011 more »

Help make it happen for Lakaky

LAKAY A film conceived to reveal the source of the geopolitical instability in Haiti, a country that has 207 years of independence and 207 years of undeclared embargo. more »

RE: Haiti Internet Access

Internet service in Haiti is on its way to get better with the 60% purchase of Teleco. NatCom is currently rolling out Fiber on all 4 corners of Haiti. They will provide DSL internet via fiber and... more »

Haiti BlackBerry Unlimited Calling Plan starting at $25.00

Unique Technologies BlackBerry VoIP App allows for VoIP calls to be made right from your BlackBerry mobile phone using the GSM mobile network or any Wi-Fi internet connection. With the Blackberry... more »

Haiti Internet & VoIP Services

Unlimited VoIP calls to Haiti for only $35.00 /month. Link to order: ---------------------------------------------------------- Haiti VoIP Unlimited plan Prepay a flat monthly... more »

RE: Haiti Internet Access

I see you message dated back in 2008, we are now in July 2011, it has not get any better. Talking about a nightmare? I have not had so many migrants since starting to operate a business in haiti... more »

Who is Going to Abner G Lavi Pa Fini Concert?

It has been my dream to seen the author of lavi pa fini. The concert will be in Fort Lauderdale on July 30th. Who is going? more »

RE: Haitians, heir of the Hebrew/Israelites priesthood..

Yea, it took me a lot of time to convince my family. It's not their fault though. I had to force my family to do their own research.There are three things that kill us..Fear, Ignorance and religion more »

RE: Haitians, heir of the Hebrew/Israelites priesthood..

you have no idea! what you have done for me... it's hard explaining who haitians are when everyone you love thinks iam crazy. yet they refuse to do their own research. Thank You only the truth shall... more »

RE: Police Nationale d'Haiti Annonce D'Emploi

bonjour, je reve de devenir policier depuis mon enfance. je vis a montreal et je veux servir mon pays natal.j aimerais savoir si c est possible et quels sont les formalités pour avoir pour que... more »