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Pouchon - February 23 2010, 6:10 PM

I would like to reply to (AL)who asked info. for the Cavaillon area. I have worked for Hughesnet, amd all other Satellite providers buy services from Hughes, even if they compete with the mother company.

Today all these companies have been using the same satellite for years, and are saturated and most the time these company don't care about the little man, but worry about the big contractor like Government, if you get good signal while they put you any over populated satellite is your problem.

You should go for any new Satellite, like Satmex6, and also sme european satellite also covers the Carribean and have much faster service than some of the services offered in Haiti, I don't work for them anymore, if I was I would be fired for that comment, with little research yyou be able to find a good and reliable Satellite company.

If you have a system and installed it yourself, you shouldn't be on a contract basis.

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