Haiti Internet Access

By: Woody - July 4 2008, 6:13 AM

If you want internet access in Haiti there's good news and bad news. The good news is there is Internet access in Haiti, the bad news is that the haiti Internet access speed sucks big time.

On top the slow internet speed compared even to the Dominican Republic internet access, the internet in Haiti is very expensive.

Take my case for example:

Hainet Internet Service

I am paying Hainet, a Haitian Internet Access company, $100 USD per month for reliable internet access in Haiti.

How reliable is it?

let me tell you;

If the wind blows you're out of luck, most of the time making a phone call the the United States is almost impossible.

and to think I am only paying them so that my family here can stay in touch with us in the United States, there are no computers using it and you cannot make a phone call.

If you like to watch YouTube Videos forget it, I have never been able to stream a YouTube Video while in Haiti without waiting for it to load a couple of times.

In the beginning it was a sign of relief to have a company such as Hainet providing Internet service.

but they have since gotten lazy, At $70 USD to $100 USD, they make enough money and they have no competition so why improve their service?

There are very few Haiti Internet Access Providers in Haiti and like most other business in Haiti, the customer comes last.

This is not to say that I am not satisfied with Hainet's service when it works, It's my lifeline, However, I would like ot see a better, faster, and cheaper internet service in Haiti.

The internet in Haiti is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Can there be High Speed Internet In Haiti?

In the United States A customer gets high speed internet access via their telephone line of their cable company.

Haiti DSL High Speed Internet Service

In Haiti, Teleco, our land line phone company has become a museum of dead wires.

Teleco rank #4 in number of phone customers in Haiti they rank #1 in size, they have so many employees.

Teleco could very well provide High speed wired Internet service in Haiti but you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning in Haiti than for this government owned company to actually work.

Haiti Cable High Speed Internet Service

In Haiti, TeleHaiti is the name of the the cable company that I knew when I was growing up. I've been away from Haiti for nearly 22 years and I have not heard about the TeleHaiti cable company since I started coming back to Haiti in 2003.

Is TeleHaiti still operational?

Perhaps one of you can tell me. But assuming they are still in existance, TeleHaiti is the only company that can give Haiti high speed internet service via a cable modem.

If you want to know more about a Haiti Telecommunication Market Research done in June 2007, strategis.ic.gc.ca/epic/site/imr-ri.nsf/fr/gr14261287f.html

I would love to hear your personal experience with the Internet service in Haiti


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Roldere Altidor says...

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Cristina says...

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Jay says...

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Bonhomme says...

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