RE: Haitians, heir of the Hebrew/Israelites priesthood..

Yaheena Yisrael - July 26 2012, 8:48 AM

Come and fellowship with us the Nation of Judah/Tribe of Yehudah-Yahawadah & Israel Now

The Festivial of Trumpets we are also inviting our christian pastors, prophets and families


If anyone in your organization would like to participate in the blowing of the shofar or being apart of the program, please email us nationofjudah at

please join us this week on every sunday ( 1st day of the week) at 6:30 eastern time Israel now blog talk show 1-323-784-3647

our topic this week will be the rapture! Please join in to help our christian brothers and sister who are unconscience of who they are and what is required to become righteous! Shalom


Haitians, heir of the Hebrew/Israelites priesthood..

Haitians are Hebrew/Israelites. Jeruslaem destroyed and Israel ceased to exist as a nation 66 to 70 A.D or 1940 Years...

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