RE: I support Wyclef for president

Haitian Author Jean Pe - August 11 2010, 3:13 AM

I do not agree about some of things you said, but anyway I was one of the first one to oppose Wyclef Jean presidency as Haiti, and I do not think Wyclef Jean make anyone feel good about being Haitian.

But Wyclef Jean done his part I would say. And I don't think his money should get him elected.

But although I said no to Wyclef, but I do have a second mind and it is mostly because he's said publicly that he does not speak English which I don't believe most Haitian people speak it either.

I do not myself.

However, I don't see Haitian in other countries, especially here in the U.S. gain much strength in their proud now and before there was Wyclef Jean when it comes to social issues and community & cultures.

I see most of us still the same, not much to be proud.

Haitians are only care and feel good about themselves when their immigration papers are ok, and most of them are more in interesting on becoming of other countries and the U.S. a nation that does not treat good.

So, how it is proud?

Wyclef becoming president it does have a lot to do with the low class and they way they treat Haitians in the U.S., that's what many Haitians think Wyclef it's a big deal, when it fact it is not something to be proud of, but, however, since Haitian do not have much choices, so beat it.

Not having choices and option, so there can't be much proud.

Most of so called Haitians communities, leaders in U.S. have U.S. passport, so they became citizen while they preaching proud..Where's the proud?

Everytime they open their mouth is a praise to the U.S...Where's the proud?

Proud means to accept your own, own culture, language, and know about your rights and teach them to other Haitians, that's what I think.

But I do not see that in Haitian people much.


I support Wyclef for president

I would like to say to anyone who thinks Wyclef is not qualify to be president of Haiti to explain to me what makes a...

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