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Buzz - August 11 2010, 9:24 PM

I approve your message too, but let's face it, he does not have any political background or political knowledge, guess what, he will get my vote and he will be Haiti's next president, of all Haiti's rest or pass, beside Duvalier which I admire, and from what I can see, Clef will be the best president.Clef will be a photo copy, Clinton will actually be Haiti's president, since Clinton is an American and not qualify, therefore he has chosen someone who is more or less qualify and can communicate with and understand.

He wants to see live a normal life, a suitable life, like we do here in America.

Earlier, I only thought of Clef as a Musician but after careful thoughts, I realized that he's got the means, the minorities will vote for him. Tjthe good deeds he has done for his country and most important, since he was 9 years old, he has been seeing people living a decent life style, he values the life of a human being and these things he would like to bring them home, not like those crooks that has their own so call gangs with all sort of names like "zengle dou, rat pa caca or grind sonne.

He understands that when some one commit a crime, he/she should be brought to justice trial and pay the price for their actions severely, make Haiti a safer place to visit, bring back tourism, I want to be able to go to Haiti and when I arrived at the airport, I will take a cab.and the driver will take me to my destination without to worry about be taken for ride to the next kidnapper for a sum I don't have. It will love again for Haiti, it will be call "perle des antilles" again.

Myself, yoursel, my kids, your kids will want to go to Haiti to visit and not having to worry about a curfew or the next person trying to kidnap them or trying to shoot them for what they've worked so hard for, peace should be there at all time not just during the carnival season, since the haitian people love pleasure.

I must tell you, the most degrading moment for me and many for a lot of Haitians, will be after spending an eternity here in America working so hard and when time comes for retiring, I or you can't go home because you won't be able to live in peace.

So my fellow Haitian Brothers and sisters, I trully believe Bill Clinton OOPs Wyclef will be a good photo copy President for Haiti.

(Bill Clinton will be the one making all the decisions, cause he loves Haiti and have investments there that he wants to see grow and protect)

I approve this message


I support Wyclef for president

I would like to say to anyone who thinks Wyclef is not qualify to be president of Haiti to explain to me what makes a...

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