Haiti Government For The People?

Fouye - July 26 2008, 10:32 AM

Is Haiti's Government A Government for the people?

Read what one person had to say on the prevalhaiti.com/messages.php/9994 Blog:

"Haitian governments (past & present) do hear the plight of Haitian people every day whether on the radio, or on the streets protesting, or in our music, or in person, etc...

The Haitian government just doesn't give a sh8t about what the people have to say...

The government of Haiti holds more daily meetings than the pope and George Bush put together...

When was the last time you saw Preval meeting with Haitian citizens to discuss and talk about the state of their country?

Never! because according to the government, Haitians have no relevency about their country's internal affairs."

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Lillian Madsen says...

Hi Woodring, I love your topic today. Not too long ago was interviewed by VOA, and that was the first comment raised... more »

Ninon says...

I agree that he is not communicating. my advice on this subject is to you all haitians to participate in what must be... more »