RE: Haiti Government For The People?

Ninon - August 14 2008, 11:09 AM

I agree that he is not communicating.

my advice on this subject is to you all haitians to participate in what must be done, do your part as citizen, take responsibility for what you are not doing and all the bad that you are saying that are too negative to move haiti, this used to beautiful island we love so, up like other countries.

most people in the diaspora want to go home instead of being deported as it is hapening in the us, santodomingo, bahamas.they said only their body is here outside of the country.

we must believe that we can change our country.

common brothers and sisters lakay is not good but we are no longer wanted in other countries whicih one is worst?

think positively and train others with your talent for example if you are a teacher you teach.

inspire the new generation to stay home like the journalists and some are doing and do what it take to show the governement a united front for peace and harmony while we are supporting them in solving the many problems that must be solved.

To do that we must first talk about where we want to go, believe we will go there by applying unity.

as humans we do our best with love support and encouragement; stop the chien mange nchien, the criticism, the attack, the judgement, the blame, the hatred, division that resulted in the destruction we have today.

we don't have no more babouket that means a group of people who are serious can form a liasion to go sit with the governemnt and talk seriously about what we are ready to do. please i urge my fellow haitians to take this advice share it with everybody writw it down and say it until it happens because that is what will work for the people!!!!!!


Haiti Government For The People?

Is Haiti's Government A Government for the people? Read what one person had to say on the Blog...

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