Port Au Prince Haiti Wind Chaos Today

By: Fouye - September 2 2008, 3:24 PM

It is very windy in Port Au Prince Haiti today.

In the past two hour there has been lots of trees down in port au prince Haiti.

Many power lines are down as well in Port au Prince Haiti and roof tops are geting blown off left and right.

The situation is chaotic here in Port Au Prince Haiti today.

There are trees down in all parts of the city. it is not raining but it is very windy.


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Alert Belance says...

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Widny Joseph says...

should i believe all that i dont know????? but i guess i do more »

J.r. Auguste says...

It's the same thing every year. Hurricane season, structural damage, lost of lives followed by the inevitable demand... more »

Mj says...

Here's one url you can go to. Although it contain photos of other islanders battling this storm, it as a very clear... more »

Timothee says...

can ya please send me some video of gonaives under water more »