Haiti Reference

English Creole Dictionary
English Creole Dictionary, the Haitian Creole-English Bilingual Dictionary (HCEBD) from the Indiana University Creole Institute.

Kreyol Word Archive
Kreyol Word List: creole dictionary.

Discover Haiti
Info about Haiti, its history, arts, people, culture, news, haitian web pages, links, restaurants, parties etc

the Haiti Support Group web site
The Haiti Support Group (HSG) is an association of individuals who support the Haitian people in their struggle for justice, human rights, and...

Fort-Dimanche, Fort-la-Mort
Introduces Fort-Dimanche, the most infamous political prison in Haiti, and Patrick Lemoine's book

Find anything online AFROVISTA is the online ref...

Best of Haiti [Top 100]
Top 100 list of Best Haitian made sites online.

The Haitian Revolution
This is a bibliographic guide to resources on the topic. Includes texts, encyclopedias, bibliographies, biographical sources, indexes and abstracts...

Haitian Heritage Museum
Museum website showing all the great contributions Haitians and Haitian Americans has made as a people. Documenting the process of creating the...

Premier moteur de recherche d'Haiti dedie aux .ht
Premier moteur de recherche au monde dedie a l'extension locale d'Haiti (.ht). Le moteur de recherche de la communautee haitienne.

First search engine of Haiti dedicated to the local tld .ht
First world search engine dedicated to the haiti local tld (.ht). The search engine of all haitians.