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By: Cristina (replying to topic) - July 6 2011, 1:57 AM

Internet service in Haiti is on its way to get better with the 60% purchase of Teleco.

NatCom is currently rolling out Fiber on all 4 corners of Haiti.

They will provide DSL internet via fiber and fix-line Telephone services along with Mobile GSM services.

See articale online:

In the mean time I would recommend 2 other internet providers.

Premium NON-Satellite Internet service for Residential & Business class

Autoroute de Delmas & Delmas 18, 1st floor
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Sales: (509) 2949-2929 / 2511-3411 / 2513-5502 / 2512-5202 / 2940-8076
info at multilink.


For Residential internet Services
60, Rue Geffrard • Petion-Ville, HAITI
Tel: (509)22-56-9500,25-12-7632
From USA: 1+(305) 433-8206
sales at

If your looking for reliable & Affordable VoIP services for only $35.00 a month visit: Unique Technologies
or call 919.794.4838


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