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Aaron - December 9 2008, 2:42 AM

Every person who shot down the idea that Haitians should learn English if they wish to "open up the country to a true path of development" made their criticism in English.

This is not only ironic...

it pretty much makes the point entirely.

I don't think anyone was saying that Haitians should give up French or Creole.

I think the point being made was that adding English increases the chances of Haiti finding social and economic relief.

It's not that Haitians should be forced to learn English.

Instead, they should be encouraged.

English is the third most popular language on the planet (behind Mandarin and Hindi).

500 million people speak English worldwide.

In contrast, only about 130 million people speak French.

Haitian Creole isn't even on the chart.

Purely from a business standpoint, language has a LOT to do with economic development.

Outside of Haiti, the rest of the developing world does much of its business in English.

This is a matter of fact. Be assured, there are plenty of people in the United States (to whom English is a second or third language) who have accepted the fact that they need to speak English if they wish to do business in the global marketplace.

Haitians are a proud and beautiful people, but this isn't about national pride or heritage.

Development and progress require external resources.

This is true with every other country on the planet.

Why would it be untrue with Haiti?

English can (and does) serve as a conduit through which meaningful progress can be made.

This is an important debate which ought to continue.

In the meantime, Haitians who do speak English will traditionally make more money than those that don't...

another reality, whether anyone likes it or not.

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